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Of several factors affect digital oil painting wholesale price
Release time:2015/3/14 17:17:04

Affect digital oil painting wholesale price associated with the following factors:

A: size: the size of the picture, the greater the price will be higher.

B: painting categories: such as portrait is more expensive than a landscape, custom paintings more expensive than copying paintings, etc.

C: quality level: divided into standard quality, fine quality, quality grade and painters, paint, canvas, rendering time, etc.

D: complexity.

E: order number: volume can appropriate discount wholesale customers.

If it is a special oil painting production, such as customers for oil painting color, form more strict production process, requirements for painting subjects must be relatively accurate according to the customers' willingness to custom oil paintings, we the price will be higher.Because our painter in the production process of images depicting will be more challenging, the overall completion time.

In addition, some merchant's positioning is low, their digital oil painting price is very low, of course, the so-called a penny a points goods, low prices wholesale digital oil painting is no good quality, the quality is bad, can be embodied in, canvas quality is very poor;Pigment is not acrylic materials or even the acrylic material, also is very poor of that kind of, smell also find strong pungent smell.You know digital paintings have a plenty of to play, have a plenty of hanging in the room.That it is very important to the safety and environmental protection.So suggest selling digital painting, don't pick on digital oil painting price goods.Online goods are often cheaper in taobao, and there's a big difference in physical stores, including taobao, there are good products, prices are higher than, this kind of business is mainly the brush to credibility, and don't consider the price for the time being.But time-consuming to find such goods, there are a lot of quality more bad of the sham as the genuine goods, cost-effective digital oil painting is often not seek.

If you are a gallery management, more need to peer price advantage of digital oil painting wholesale price, can contact our online customer service, we will give you the reasonable oil painting wholesale prices, quality assurance, market sales good painting subject matter!

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