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Digital oil painting industry in our country have not formed real art market
Release time:2015/3/14 17:15:00

Experts point out that the diversity of the current digital oil painting wholesale shows some tendency of the cultural industry, this is the painting industry are not out of the traditional forms.In the sight of the shallow surface diversification and real economic activity associated with temporary non-standard mode of operation, it is impossible to make industry scale and the greater development of the brand.At the same time, because this kind of operational characteristics, would be likely to aggravate the calligraphy and painting mounting fraud, make the already chaotic market more chaos, which affects the healthy development of the digital oil painting wholesale industry.

Now Chinese collectors team also is not very mature, most of them are entrepreneurs or self-employed, not many people really understand the oil painting, some people even think to invest in real estate insurance, just to take art as an investment.They often buy painting is not by personal identification, but to accept other people's investment, value guidance.And shape of foreign art market is different, most foreign collectors of art itself is a research, they might even specialising in someone or a certain genre of work.

Recently, the ministry of culture cultural market development center and the scholars of Chinese art gallery of 2011 annual Chinese oil painting industry development trend into the future, some experts pointed out that as China's economy continued to develop and the whole national strength enhanced, the art market will continue to keep the hot state, and can at least keep to the next three years.Another reported that most of the oil painting operators believe that such a sunny day will last at least until 2015, and believe in the earlier period of leap, oil industry will hold it in the global art market should occupy an important position, there will be no possibility of going into reverse ".

, however, the Chinese artists association, chairman of the central academy of fine arts dean JinShangYi is pointed out that China's art market is active now is completely false, it's just on the surface, in fact, the Chinese art market has no form."Now what's truly formed the art market? I'll take a simple example, such as a personal, spent 100000 yuan to buy a painting he'll be able to put the painting sold for 100000 dollars, this is to form the market. That is to say, must be a man and his works have formed a relative value in the market. Now the painting, many were fired, a person may spend more than one hundred, or even millions of bought a painting, but he is not necessarily immediately to sell it at this price, even would not necessarily someone again to buy."

It seems that the problems existing in the digital painting wholesaling really worthy of the contemplation of the gallery in the industry, to create a healthy Chinese oil painting market together!

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