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Digital oil painting is better than cross-stitch has a broad market
Release time:2015/3/14 17:15:36

1, digital painting VS cross-stitch:

A, the difference: the cloth material used different (cross-stitch with grid cloth, canvas cloth with...), used to make patterns with different (cross-stitch with line, painting with ink), digital painting cross-stitch wholesale price and wholesale price is different.

B, in common: are DIY according to figure their production, are home decoration, hang a picture frame is the same of the production process, can be as a gift to send people.

C, in addition to the above the same and different, is one of the biggest defect of cross-stitch finished products production process is too long time, even for a few months, or more than six months longer, so long, work is not suitable for the modern fast rhythm of life, easy to let the producer by the wayside, a loss of confidence;And digital painting production cross-stitch just makes up for the production time is too long this defect, digital painting can be finished in a short time, the same picture cross-stitch digital painting and at the same time, the speed of production may be a 1:100 or a larger proportion, digital painting need 1 hour to complete, cross-stitch is likely to more than 100 hours

D, if you don't want to let others said that you did not have the gift of the painter do you want to buy;If you don't want work life bring you great pressure, you want to buy pressure to loosen your;If you don't want to loss to others in respect of any lack of confidence to regain confidence every day you want to buy, if you want your future is not just a dream, you want to buy, heaton digital painting, help you realize your dream!

2, digital oil painting can draw on their own, cultivating their own or the child interest in painting.

3, work stress, adjust your mood, increase your self-confidence.

4, digital painting can serve as adornment as a family decorate, the shape of your living space more harmonious and perfect.

5, the feeling of experience as an artist, you're a painter, to establish self-confidence.

6, experience of painting achievement, others can do it, you can do it.

7, digital oil painting wholesale consumer groups: men and women, young and old all appropriate (including the kindergarten). This can to paint a picture of a family, can merge a sweet home!

8, digital paintings to help painting more creative inspiration.

9, can put the digital painting as a gift to your relatives or friends, express your good wishes, and let each other harvest and you the same feeling.

10, digital oil painting wholesale = vision board, a dream come true.Hang oil painting in the top right-hand corner of the wall across the room from, as long as you see, every day with planned action, in the near future, you'll have and digital paintings are similar scene or content.Help you to achieve your dreams!

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