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Analysis of digital oil painting wholesale market demand and the marketing method
Release time:2015/3/14 17:20:13

Digital oil painting was originally made for children.But more and more adults to become the mainstream entertainment consumption.Today, regardless of the elderly, children, or youth;No matter women or men, everyone loves the way of leisure and this creates opportunities for development for the digital oil painting wholesale market.Below we will introduce the digital oil painting wholesale market demand and the marketing method.

The product requirements

House and the children is a problem about each person's life, and, for the vast majority of people, this is also a family's two largest consumer.Everyone wants to have a beautiful home.Everyone wants to be a clever boy, also want to buy a house loan, borrow money to also have to decorate a house, again bitterness also not suffering children.Every day is busy for the house and children!Have a house, you want to have it decorated more beautiful;You have children, you want to train him up;A gift, you always want to practical and economic;Leisure when, you want to have a meaningful, and not empty, waste...Our products are collected at present many market consumption hot spots, its market demand is very strong and wide!

Products potential market capacity

China's development to today, the life of people are well-off, began to pay attention to the leisure life, children are only children, became the little emperors, at home, the urban population growth, real estate prices soaring, everyone wants to have a beautiful home, attaches great importance to the relationship, everyone will give gifts.In recent years, government, society and individual are focused on investment and the child grow the house problem.Our country has a population of 1.3 billion, of which more than 400 million children, to say, the potential of our products market capacity is very big.Someone really has the market, the home is the market, but also people the most attention and focus on investment areas, covering three children, women, family consumption object, across education, gifts, leisure, decoration four big industry!

Product marketing gimmick

Do not open a shop, don't hire more people, as long as the net shop goods sales, for consumers to experience the fun of painting, let parents know painting bring many benefits to the child, let the consumer know only spend a few hundred dollars to the home decorated very warm, very cultural artistic breath, and so on.Consumers will not hesitate to pay this kind of new, strange, special products.Consumers interested in products, companies is willing to cooperate.As long as your city has more than 20000 children and more than 50000 households, the agent marketing gimmick can make easily implement wealth dream.

Product marketing channel

Consumption object is the hottest children, women and families on the market.Every city has a child going to school, the woman love the business super, family gather living community, the household to decorate house (building materials) market, and so on, these places are the sales of our products.Everyone want to draw a picture of their own paintings, every child wants to experience the fun of painting, everyone wants to be the home is decorated more beautiful..."Everybody can draw Mona Lisa" magical function, will surely attract all pass by curious eyes of consumers, make the product market popularity quickly opened.Buy big rich, have no money to buy a small, to buy home decoration, cultivate children to buy, buy leisure entertainment, give a person a gift to buy.Such a powerful products, consumer coverage can be as high as 90% above.

China digital oil painting wholesale, is unprecedented prosperity in the Chinese calligraphy and painting market conditions, consumer demand for spirit to see strong background arises at the historic moment.The current domestic manufacturers are few, need to meet consumer demand.Art digital paintings in this called for domestic related culture art manufacturing enterprise, let us to create an orderly digital oil painting wholesale market in China, to meet the needs of the consumers.

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