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Three main methods in improving digital oil painting wholesale sales
Release time:2015/3/14 17:18:4990633.com

Digital oil painting wholesale for experiential marketing is truly people-oriented marketing skills.

A, the psychological and emotional promotion

Solution 1: the almighty - lure more marketing magic weapon

Example: snack shop, buy snacks can be flipped CARDS, correct answers to send the same snacks, gifts small snacks less refined.To hold the characteristic of children like performance, and satisfaction with small gifts.

Scheme 2: file management, make the customer for them

Example: to customers by SMS gifts on special days greetings to impress the customer.

Solution 3: shop around - a little more customers trust

Digital oil painting wholesale: pre-sale advice "shop around" to improve customer's trust.

Second, the promotion according to age

Solution 1: active faulting, move the heart of old customers

Example: the faulty goods and active faults to sell, to make the customer active faulting, get customers trust.

Scheme 2: home alone - promotion by children

Example: the June 1 children's day let children choose their own favorite toy accompanied by her aunt buy themselves take charge of selected items, parents pay in wait in the lounge area.Digital paintings wholesalers pay attention to the point in time, foothold, promotion plan, details to win.

Solution 3: self-mockery self-dispraise - the most realistic in middle-aged people

Example: a restaurant in front of the curtain as a "lack of seafood and duck, but cheap, master foo is not authentic figure a convenient" guangpi "revealed good cafe next door. Take prominent however is a little" cheap, convenient ".

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