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Distinguish between the nine method of oil paint quality
Release time:2015/3/14 17:21:53

Now digital paintings so many merchants, customers in the digital paintings at wholesale how to distinguish the quality of the paint?Let's come from nine aspects about digital oil painting wholesale method when the choose and buy of pigment is good or bad.

1, gloss, the real meaning of acrylic paint is not to need to use light agent, propylene itself with sheen, will only be used under the condition of light agent?In oil painting when placed for a long time old, use only light agent can make the picture back on the effects of the original road.Or, in the process of drawing oil painting in oils in oil paints to add some light agent can make the colorful painting.Propylene because for water soluble paint, he can dissolve in water, light agent for oil products, and acrylic paint is short of miscibility.

2, than durability.How to judge you in the digital painting wholesale use of propylene as a real acrylic paint or liquid powder, the method is very simple, men friends can take smoking filters remove, with a small amount of water, to wipe the screen, the quality of the propylene is not going to happen rub off phenomenon, low quality of propylene need to be wiped gently only, can appear rub off.

3, observation, and see if there is a hierarchical acrylic paint.Have thick sediment stratification refers to the bottom of the container, the container upper part is very thin liquid, this kind of acrylic paint is acrylic paint is not in use.High quality acrylic paint placed 2 years also won't appear the situation.

4, than the elastic.Low quality of acrylic paint painting after 1 months images will appear hairlike tiny crack, high quality acrylic paint that will not happen.High quality acrylic paint painting after he is with a flexible, gelatinize, with the hand to clasp will be flexible, low quality of a buckle with the hand will fall off into pieces or powder planar, this is "pulverization phenomenon".

5, price comparison, the high quality of propylene on the market price of 300 ml / 12 to 15 yuan between some is higher, low quality of propylene is no sales on the market, gouache 1.3 1.5 yuan between, price of 100 ml/so please our customers and consumers should not only to price for comparison, must take the quality as compared to a more reasonable price.

6, is used to test use.When you do not understand drawing or painting materials, no relationship to find nearby friends painted picture, they can as military adviser to help you, please.My company is used in digital oil painting wholesale propylene dye can be used for the university entrance exam, college entrance examination is the turning point of life for every student, so they are in a race or test, will certainly choose high quality acrylic paint as painting materials, if choose acrylic paint quality is bad will directly affect the examination results.Our students often chooses propylene dye procurement and take some test and competition, our factory purchase of acrylic paint factory is a factory for more than 40 years of state-owned enterprises, please be assured that use.

7, covering power and high quality acrylic paint has strong hiding power, low quality of propylene often hiding power is poor.

8 acrylic paint, color retention and quality than in low quality of acrylic paint can strong colour a lot, you can put the different quality of acrylic paint draw in the finished product to create under the sunlight, time is long after the low quality of acrylic paint can appear fade phenomenon.

To make the digital paintings save 2, three hundred, key to the art of digital painting materials to be used properly, in the digital painting wholesale, should not overlook the role of pigment.

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